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Our members have achieved accessibility modifications at Institutions, Facilities and Businesses:  

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The Auditorium Theater in Chicago
The Allstate Arena
Loyola University
University of Miami
Chase Bank
Callaway Golf
and more.

The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990, but many businesses ignore this legislation to the detriment of themselves and the disabled community. Part of our purpose is to provide ADA related resources and information to disabled individuals and to provide businesses with the help and guidance they need to increase accessibility at their facility.




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Common Accessibility Issues


Parking areas are required to have a specific amount of spaces dedicated as handicapped accessible and van accessible.  Access zones and accessible signage are all required to meet ADA specifications. 


Today, any venue which provides seating including auditoriums, restaurants or transportation services are required to dedicate a portion of the facility or service to provide for handicapped access. Most businesses understand it is very cost effective to do so as well. 


The entrance of any facility is required to provide access to someone in a wheelchair unless it has not been altered since 1992. Specifications include the width of the doorway and the height of the threshold.


Any program, service, school, institution or business needs to think about how best to incorporate the needs of the disabled to make sure they are not excluded by design.  Denying participation to people because of their disabilities is just bad business, and it is illegal.  


If possible, areas designed to be used for walking should be 36 inches in width. The walkway should be clear of obstructions and free of issues with the surface which might impede someones ability to use it. 


Accessible public restrooms are fast becoming the norm in our society. Businesses which serve food or drink are usually required by law to have public restrooms, or to make an accessible employee restroom available otherwise. Every Starbucks store provides an accessible restroom today. 


25 Year Celebration of the ADA in Chicago